Monday, July 18, 2016

Un petit rassemblement en hommage aux victimes de l'attentat de Nice

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

On Saturday at Valley Forge National Park there was a gathering of French citizens, Francophones and Francophiles.  About thirty of us were there to show support for the victims of the Nice terrorist attack. 

The French/American alliance goes way back to the 1770's. 
Lafayette and Washington along with revolutionary troops spent a miserable winter together at this very place in 1777/78. French General Lafayette gave his own money to help support our revolution. 
Then in February of 1778 The United States made it's military alliance with a foreign power (The Franco-American Alliance).

At the gathering on Saturday.

First there was a speech in English followed by one in French and then a moment of silence. After that we sang The French National Anthem (La Marseillaise).  A few verses below:

"Allons enfants de la Patrie,  
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!  
Contre nous de la tyrannie,  
L'étendard sanglant est levé, (repeat)  
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes  
Mugir ces féroces soldats?  
 Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras  
Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes!
Aux armes, citoyens,  
Formez vos bataillons,  
Marchons, marchons!  
Qu'un sang impur  
Abreuve nos sillons!"......................