Sunday, October 27, 2013

A House on Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C.                                  The South Lawn of The White House.

 A postcard from the road trip.

The White House is located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., but our new apartment is located about 170 miles North in the State of Pennsylvania. : -)

It might seem strange that I've been to the capitals of England, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and even Fiji but this was the first time I've been to the capital city of my own country. On the same note, I've been to several U.S. state capitals but never to my home state's capital (Sacramento, California).

We are getting settled in our new place and I look forward to catching-up on my blogging.

See you soon.


  1. I was in Washington, DC, in 1976, for one day, but with no camera, following a long, hard week's work in Baltimore.
    I was also in Pennsylvania in 1976, for a weekend, and went with some friends from there to New York for an afternoon.
    More recently (last month) I flew in and out of the National Airport aka Ronald Reagan and stayed one night each way in a hotel in Arlington, Virginia, but I think the Amtrak train I took to go south was located in DC itself.
    One of these days, we might meet coming or going around the world.

  2. I only visited the capital of my country - Brasília, two years ago (and no plans of coming back).

    Hope you have a happy life in your new home! ;-)

  3. Great shot! I'm long over due for a visit to the capitol - haven't been since before my kids were born. And I'm so curious about your new PA location...I grew up in Wayne (near Villanova U., outside of Phili) My dad is still there. Glad to hear you've arrived and are getting settled!

  4. Beautiful capture, James!! Hope your "settling in" goes well! Look forward to seeing you back online!!

  5. I've been to D.C. many times. It's a really fun city with so much to do. I even have been there since I moved out here. Anyway, that's an excellent shot of the White House. I love the composition and colors! Guess you're back there just in time for all the fall colors and then, the snow! Enjoy!!

  6. Hi, James. Well I see the White House pretty often. I live 7 blocks from it. Just recently was in Pittsburgh, PA. I did enjoy the visit. Hope everything is going well.

  7. :-) I'm glad you're back on the East coast!

    Nice new home you got yourself!

    I miss ya!

  8. Nice paint job after we Brits burnt the place in 1812 - have fun moving in to the new place.

  9. What are 170 miles away?'re now a neighbour! :o)
    Glad to see you back!Wishing you all the best in your new home!

  10. Voici venu le temps de défaire les cartons et de se construire un petit nid douillet. Il va falloir que je cherche sur une carte de Pensylvannie pour situer...

  11. awww James, I'm curious about your new place!
    Your picture is perfect, so wonderful palace and sky!

  12. Never been to DC but went to Sacramento so many times... :-)
    Glad you are settling down nicely.

  13. Well then, get ready to take a ton of photos. Later upon layer of history there. I used to work in D.C. and there is so much to see in the Mid-Atlantic area.