Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mirror Mirror on a Historic Wall

                                   (This is a mirror on the wall in the famous Café Louvre. )

Prague, Czech Republic
This is a great place to sit and talk or read while you enjoy delicious coffees/teas and pastries. After that you can wander around the historic building and see the photo gallery that has 19th and early 20th century photos of Prague.

"You have just entered the foyer of Café Louvre. This Café, bearing the name of the world’s famous gallery, has been standing here for over a century, since 1902. Among its guests were Karel Capek, Franz Kafka as well as Albert Einstein during his professorship in Prague. The Café’s life was interrupted by force in 1948 by the communist coup when all café fixtures were thrown out of the windows into Narodni Avenue. The cultural melting pot was revived in the place after 1992 when the devastated premises underwent a complete reconstruction." - From the Café Louvre website