Monday, January 7, 2013

La Jungle Urbaine de Paris

Paris, France   (Aime-t-elle les animaux?)

At first glance I thought she had a tail. Regardless she must really love animals. Look at all the fur and animal print.   ;-)


  1. James, those wild animals are the most dangerous kind. Just be careful in that jungle. I see you are on a photo safari.

  2. Especially wild animals wearing short cheerleader skirts and 4 inch heels!!!

  3. When I saw the pic my first thought was "she should be on the streets of Paris" and she

    Love her style!

  4. I'm going to be kind and assume it's all faux fur

    it is a wonderful street shot!!

  5. Bonsoir,image surprenante, je suis sur que cette personne aime particulièrement les animaux à poil....-)
    je fais une pause au niveau commentaires, mais je continuerai de vous suivre.


  6. Oh, a great street shot indeed, James!! Definitely the best giggle of the day! I love it! Hope your week is off to a great start -- mine definitely is now!!

  7. Great street catch....something tells me she should be walking a poodle too.

  8. I'm wide-eyed and speechless.

  9. Tell me, in what kind of district were you when you took that pic?!... :o)

  10. Comme c'est amusant!
    But not my style... :-)

  11. oh gosh...a little bit exaggerated fancy for me! LOL
    However girls in Paris generally are very elegant! ;)
    Great shot James!

  12. cet étalage est plutôt de mauvais goût, non ?

  13. Hi James! Happy New Year...
    Great find and photo! I'll be back to catch up...

  14. I thought she had a tail too... silly fashion (I'm not too keen on fur).

    To answer to your remark on my blog, I must tell you that my cats don't plays with that ball if I'm not here to play with them : it is too heavy for them (it would be a better fit for a dog).

    My cats plays a lot, but they are still young, and I play a lot with them too. Each of the three doesn't play with the same games : Winter likes shadows and lights (laser point), Autumn likes feathers, Puccinelli is very fond of a lot of different things, because he is still young. What all of they like is for me to play with them, to put things in motion : it is a little annoying sometimes, but... Well I adopted them, so I have to make sure they are happy, that is the deal, I guess. ;)


  15. Just chanced up on your blog!

    You are so funny!

    I love the way you create "Life" out of your scenes/characters!