Thursday, November 8, 2012

Homeward Bound

Strasburg, Pennsylvania (Strasburg Rail Road)

Are we there yet?


  1. Wish I could count the times I've heard that question from one or all my four at one time or another as they grew up!! Terrific capture, James!! Hope you've had a good week!!

  2. What an amazing photo. You must have been peering out the adjoining window!

  3. I used to ask the same question all the time when I was a kid...
    The way the girl behind him look at you made all the difference in this shot!
    Very cool shot, as usual. :)

  4. How can you not smile at that photo? Their faces are delightful!

  5. Fabulous photo, James! You are indeed an artist with a camera.

  6. That's awesome. I love their adorable and frank faces, the red on the boy's jacket and the flowers in the girl's hair. And I love how kids have no issue about getting their picture taken. Something happens around 40 and people get mighty irritable about it. Another terrific moment that probably could never be duplicated...


  7. The eyes are very cute.
    A sweet moment!


  8. Quelques éclats de couleurs vives répondant à l'argenté de la flaque d'eau enjolivent la rigueur des rails, la géométrie du pont et réchauffent les teintes du décor.
    L'arrondi du train, le bonheur des enfants donnent la touche plaisante à la photo.
    qu'ils sont beaux, ces petits!
    Strasburg, Pennsylvania ou, en rêvant un peu, le chemin de fer pour Calcutta à la saison de la mousson ? ;-)

  9. I love their facial expressions, anxious to come home.

  10. Maybe I'm strangely made, but this pic is frightening me: It's dangerous to lean outside! "Do not lean out of the window", "E pericolo sporghersi" were sentences written under every windows in old trains when I was young.Here , such a picture would be impossible today, one can't open windows anymore!
    I guess you know there's a city called Strasbourg" in France?..:o)

  11. This being said, did you take the title from Simon and Grafunkel's song?..

    1. Actually Homeward Bound was the first thing that came to my mind when I was making the post. Nothing to do with the song. :-)

  12. awwww!
    they're adorable
    great photo

  13. Hi hi hi! Ils sont trop mignons!
    Bravo pour cette superbe photo James!

    Bises et à bientôt****