Monday, November 26, 2012

Greetings From San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

The week before last we spent a few fun days in San Antonio. Remember the Alamo? The Alamo's wall is on the left side of this photo. I'm sure you can guess who they named the hotel after.


  1. James, great that you got to spend some time in San Antonio. It is such a fun city. We will be there in about two weeks for a few months stay. It is the perfect place to escape the worst of Midwestern winter, and to spend time hanging out with friends and family. Alway visit the Alamo when we are there. "Remember the Alamo!"

  2. J'aime le côté décalé de la photo dans le travail des teintes.

  3. In the Alamo days, horses were used for hunting, travel, waging wars; now they are pulling tourists in Cinderella carriages. It's a really wild evolution to contemplate!

  4. Wow. I've been here James. Visited in 2010. The river walk is wonderful. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

  5. Ah super génial!
    C'est la ville où habite mon amie Nevine Sultan de "Dreams Delliriums and Other Mind Talk"!
    Si tu la rencontres embrasse-la fort pour moi!

    Bises et merci pour le partage James****