Friday, February 3, 2012

Everything's Big in Texas!

Amarillo, Texas   ( I think the dog sitting in the van wanted to take the challenge.)

How long would it take you to eat all of the food listed below?

"The Big Texan is best known for its 72 ounce (4.5 pounds or 2.041 kg) steak, nicknamed "The Texas King." The steak is free to anyone who, in less than one hour, can eat the entire meal, consisting of the steak itself, plus bread roll with butter, baked potato, ranch beans, shrimp cocktail, and salad; otherwise, the meal costs $72.00. Those who have successfully consumed the Texas King meal have their names recorded and posted at the restaurant. As of March 15, 2011, over 8,800 people out of about 50,000 have accomplished this feat.
Those who take on the Texas King challenge are required to pay for the meal in advance, and if they are successful, their money is refunded. The steak is cooked to the participant's preference, and the challenge takes place at a table for one on a raised platform in the middle of the main dining room.
 The record for the shortest time needed to finish the entire Texas King meal is held by competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut He finished the challenge in 8 minutes and 52 seconds, breaking Frank Pastore's 1987 record on his March 24, 2008 visit. The unofficial record is held by a 500-pound Siberian Tiger, who ate the steak in 90 seconds."

The steak I had was much smaller but very good! :)


  1. Heuuuuuuuu.... et combien de calories en trop ?

  2. Its so branded in our brains. These parking places with big cars in front of old? western facades not really in scale with the parking lot. Advertising has brainwashed the whole western world with it but always exciting to see. Thanks for showing us James.

  3. Hahaha, I'm on a diet... Great shot James!
    Have a good weekend! ;-)

  4. Great image and a wonderful post James.

  5. A superbly colorful image with an equally colorful story! (I wouldn't even attempt it). Good old Route 66. I love it. And you just gotta love a steak meal eating contest winner named Joey Chestnut :-)

  6. Une ambiance vraiment tres americaine! Le cow-boy, la fameuse Route 66,l'hotel Frontier.. ça me fait fait plus rever que les gros hamburgers! :o)
    et il y a même un banc !:o)

  7. 4.5 pounds of steak ?!? Are they mad ? Yes, definitely demented. Even a quarter pounder fills me up. Without the baked potato.

    Was just reading an interesting article about how the USA is the most wasteful country in the world when it comes to throwing away food.

    But this just boggles the mind...

  8. Oh, what a hoot, James! And SO Texas -- I can say that because I was born and raised there, although I don't necessarily brag about that!! Fun, fun post for the day!! Have a great weekend!!


  9. When I read your title, I was thinking about a steak and that exactly what the bolboard said.


  10. That's a great collection of signs and buildings.

  11. I have a brother who would have challenged this when we were younger. I have a sneaky suspicion my husband might want to try it even now, so I think I'll keep him away from there. Don't want him having a coronary.

  12. Jolie composition!
    Hou la la! Can't compete here! J'ai un petit appétit;o)

    Belle fin de semaine, James!

  13. And washed down with a pitcher of Texas tea? My covered bridge is smaller than your PA bridges - it spans a small creek for bikes and pedestrians.

  14. A 2kg steak? Man, this could feed a family! It's really incredible that someone managed it in less than 10 minutes... Phew...
    Go tiger!
    God bless you!

  15. Classic Americana along old Route 66. Great photo and story.

  16. Just the thought of it is scary...

  17. Gross. Absolutely gross. Almost to the point of being immoral. Very much like the picture though.