Wednesday, February 8, 2012

American Images

Oklahoma,California and Oklahoma, USA

Five years ago we moved to Texas from California, two years later we moved to Pennsylvania and last May we moved back to California. That adds up to long drives across the country and back again and I saw lots of interesting things along the way.


  1. These are great shots James! Love them.

  2. What can I say? I love these "only in America" shots! What a vast, quirky country. Gotta love it, us, the whole crazy mixed bag! You really manage to get around and always see with such fresh eyes! That is a true photographer's blessing. You got it!

  3. Cool colours in the first shot, it's always great to see your work, I wouldn't know how to compose this image!, When I see beautiful old cars like that I always think about old movies.
    And I do love animals, you know. :)

  4. Terrific captures, James! And definitely "only in America" ! Stepping back in time as well! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  5. the sense of space in the trading post shot is remarkable
    then you capture what feels like a street scene from my childhood

    you have an amazing eye

  6. It looks as if the buffalo picture had been taken years ago. Great shot! Shots I should say.

  7. Wonderful images James, you are very talented with your camera!
    "J'aime la bagnole"!

  8. Wow. the all american images. Everything in it shout Americana. Great shots James

  9. Love the juxtaposition of the old car and the old bison.

  10. Bonjour

    Je vois que vous êtes un grand voyageur-déménageur, James !
    Je suppose que c'était pour le job ? Mais je ne vous envie rien ayant beaucoup déménagé pour le travail de l'Hôm, allant jusqu'à faire des années au Maghreb, en Côte d'Ivoire, à Madagascar.
    Mais... du continent américain, je ne connais que Rio de Janeiro où le pétrolier sur lequel l'Hôm était officier, faisait escale (et moi quasiment le tour du monde en voyage de noces, lol !)
    Bravo pour la lecture du Français !

  11. L'Indien, la grosse voiture et le bison.Très américains, oui, mais faisant définitivement partis d'un monde rêvé,d'un pays mythique qui n'est plus le même, dans la mesure où aujourd'hui, ils ont tous les trois presque disparus..C'est pour ça qu'ils sont entrés dans la légende.

  12. Love, love, love the way you framed that first image. And I'm a sucker for an old car just about anytime.
    As for buffalos; we don't have those in Maine.
    Missed WR last Friday-shame on me. Busy. Looking forward to tomorrow though. happy day James.

  13. Une très belle série! J'adore celle de la voiture!

    Bises et belle fin de semaine, James****

    Ps: oui, l'usine à dispenser le savoir est la fac. J'ai pris cette photo à la fac de lettres de Nancy;o)

  14. Wow you did capture some American icons here. Great subject matter and photos of them.

  15. Wow.... these pics are awesome!!! Love that animal... I've only seen them in real life once, when I visited Yellowstone NP with my parents back in 2003.
    That trading post is such a cool place too... I like "American Images"... they're different from "European Images"... like, our architecture is different, and so arer the cars, etc.
    Anyway, cool blog post!