Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sacs à Vendre?

Paris, France (Place du Trocadéro)

He can keep his purses and I'll enjoy the free view! This place has great views of the Eiffel Tower if you're able to look past all of the beggars,scam artists,pickpockets and sellers.

Speaking of scam artists here's a list of some scams that have been tried on me while I was in Paris.They are very common and you can Google them if you want more info. Thankfully I've never fallen for any of them.
1) The gold ring scam
2)Fake deaf kids with clipboards scam
3)Friendship bracelet Scam
4)Do you speak English scam
One time on a crowded metro train a gypsy girl asked me what stop to take to go someplace while her friend put her hand in my pockets. I never carry a wallet when I travel so she was wasting her time. :)

Has anyone tried to scam you?


  1. Guess I've been fortunate or just not in places that have lots of these guys. I do love your capture for the day! Definitely one of my favorite places!! Hope you have a lovely week, James!


  2. Interesting post and grand photo James. I put a photo of one of the dozens of souvenir hawkers around la Tour recently and the comments were varied. Many think they need to be able to make a living. My point was, that the licensed vendors pay rent and taxes. The annoying guys that harass you are not! My friend had her wallet stolen on the Metro by Tuileries and unfortunately had her passport in it. Luckily we had French friends with us and were able to get to the Embassy on a Friday afternoon and get it replaced.

    I learned about the scams from research on Virtual Tourist our first trip . Now I use a strong , "NON" with my best French accent and put my hand up. IT's worked so far.

  3. I miss Paris, maybe next uear again....

  4. Thanks for this post, I always have the sensation I'm safe in Europe because in big cities as São Paulo in Brazil we are always prepared for know, stay alert!I guess even here in Luxembourg in some places as nearby the Train Station it's dangerous.

  5. You always need to be careful. I see the fountains are working again. Good.

  6. It seems a sad fact that this kind of thing is everywhere, still a nice city though.

  7. Sure, but I can be hard when I want, and I have my special "Get off" with my angry glance. I would have cut your picture, to enjoy only the good side of Paris! :o)

  8. They tried the "gold ring" on me but of course I was prepared!!
    Terrible though.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful blog you have. So happy to be following along...and looking forward to more!!
    (Please join me at my history blog - and if you know of any St. Nicholas churches please let me know! - Even better if you have shots of them - I'd love to link back to you!!)

  10. I generally walk too fast for the scammers to catch up with me... and my anti-scam scowl has also proved effective...

    Best to see the Paris sights without the parasites...

  11. I can't say I have had any of these tried on me, but I haven't been to Paris either. When in Munich our guide gave us the ins and outs of gypsies. But I still did not encounter any.

  12. The Trocadero is the best spot for getting a shot of La Tour. :)
    I lived in Paris for several years and never had any troubles. Yes there were people with those deaf signs and people begging for tickets resto in the metro. But luckily, I was never pickpocketed or felt uncomfortable in any way.

  13. Love the sense of humour in this cool shot!
    When I'm travelling I'm always with my money belt, I try to be careful and leave my worries at home. ;-)

  14. Great shot, and of course, the Eiffel tower is always interesting to shoot :) This one is one of the best I´ve seen for a long time!


  15. yep! I don't even let them get started. so what is the deal with all that stuff sitting in a pile?
    Oh yeah, AWESOME photo!

  16. Great photo James, also great tips on the scams. If I ever go to Paris I will be sure to keep those in mind. I don't think I have ever been scammed.

  17. I think living in many major US cities prepares one well. I'm like Owen up there, walk fast and with purpose, avoid eye-contact, and of course, it helps to have friends that live in France! Very dramatic shot of the Eiffel so dark against the light sky. The inclusion of the "street vendor" is a different twist to the subject matter, and attests to the natural story-teller in you!

  18. I have my own take on Eiffel tower, but not with the same effect