Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Shell Collectors

Cape May, New Jersey

While in Cape May we stayed in a hotel with wonderful ocean views. This is the beach right in front of the hotel. I was amazed by the smooth colorful stones that were all over the beach. I found myself filling my pockets with them and some shells too. This couple gave me the idea.


  1. Great lines in this shot with the tide line of shells, the line of footprints, and different shades of wave lines. One can see all of this without the usual color shot of the beach...

    I love walking on a nearly deserted beach, no matter the season or the weather... little treasures deposited everywhere!


  2. I love walking on a beach , and collecting many little stones, feathers, shells, pieces of wood, sand...Then I put them in jars , with a lovely label.

    Ps: no smell, no noise, no earthquake. I was very surprised, but icelandic geysers are very quiet, even when jumping aroung 25 meters high. They breath without warning , then vanish in the air. And I was only 4/5 meters away..

  3. what a wonderful black and white, James! super composition! It's raining here, in So. Cal today...i think our beaches might look about the same beneath dense clouds...be safe on your trip. I am looking forward to joining your journey via your great photography!

  4. Great photo James! Walking on the beach is so peaceful and relaxing I forget about the world around me! Collecting seashells is fun too!

  5. Love those footprints and the choice of black and white. I live 2 miles from the beach. I like to collect sea glass...not too much, a piece or two each visit, and heart shape stones when I find them.
    You apologized for rambling....please don't. I like it.

  6. Stunning photo, James. As memories serves me, Cape May is a lovely town dotted with beautiful Victorian homes and majestic beaches.

    Be well, be happy

  7. I love the texture of sand and sea! Your photo looks nostalgic, maybe my sentiment reflects on your photo. Your photo reminds me of my childhood when I liked to collect smooth shells and stones on a beach.
    Have a nice day.

  8. What great memories these photos from the Jersey shore bring flooding back to me. Each town with its own flavor and character which also changes with the seasons. This is a superb shot. I love the minimalism, the contrast of tones, the broad shapes, curvy lines, and of coarse, the forms of the bundled up shell collectors. Such a great mood enhanced by the choice of black and white. I can just see this framed hanging on the wall of a gallery or museum. It has a timeless quality...

  9. Fantastic shot James, this beach looks so peaceful!I have the sensation it was a cold day there as well!Time for a hot chocolate!

  10. Although cloudy weather, a good place and time for walking.
    Excellent, spatial image.

  11. So beautiful! I love the seaside and i would love to walk along the beach too;o)
    Thanks for sharing, James;o)

    Have a nice and happy day****

  12. When the sky is cloudy one tends to look down at everything on the sand and then we discover so many things we want to gather and bring back home.

  13. loneliness of the long distance beach head

  14. I like the composition with the expanse of sand. Walking on the beach is one of the best things in life!

  15. Stunning, James. Perfect composition, and I too applaud the use of black and white! Lends it a timeless feel, universal, classic, and yet so intimate. It has the same effect on me as if I were on that very beach.

  16. Collecting shells... My favourite aim, when I'm on a beach...

    That is a very melancholic shot, in fact... So cold, so wintery...

    I like it.

  17. This looks too chilly for me, James. I like tropical beaches... :-D Nice shot.

  18. The back figures seem to wander.
    Like waves.
    The footprints have the atmosphere appropriate for the monotone.

    Thank you.

  19. I had a wonderful feeling about this picture. The wide space and the straight lines, the wind from the sea and the gentle sound of waves ..

    everything is quiet and peaceful ....I still follow the footprints and see if I can find the one special shell

    heartfelt thanks for this moment.