Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Café Life

1)Un Café = check
2)Cigarettes = check
3)Lots of small round tables and chairs = check
4)French Newspaper = check
5)The newspaper goes down and the eyes go up when a lady walks by = check
6)It's Paris = check

Now if only the man had a little mustache and a beret. :)


  1. Great choice for the angle, such a feel to it!

  2. Fine composition and the B&W is perfect!

  3. Wonderful! What a great photographic moment James.

  4. Every day the same scene, the same coffee...
    But not every scene has the same plot...

    I loved the photo in black and white!

  5. Great slice of life shot James. The black and white is perfect! Kat

  6. I really like this shot. It reminds me of some of the shots from Vivian Maier collection. I don't really know how to explain it, but it is life in our time.
    Good Job James! You are very inspiring to me!

  7. "Masculine" cafe life! ..:)through a masculine eye.You did not mention the phone..:)
    I like the mood of this picture very much, it's exactly that!

  8. You said it all.
    Great picture = check :)
    ☼ Sunny

  9. Oh no, no , no mustache and beret - it's perfect as it is - with the man almost out of frame, it puts us in his point of view and draws the eye to where he's looking! Wish I were sitting in that empty chair in the foreground! Lovely, James.

  10. James, thanks for that wonderful memory you posted at my site. Memories, I think that is why I do this in the first place. To recapture something lost. I love old signs, and I love the story you told of your grandmother. SO you saw that sigh many times growing up a child. Amazing. My girlfriend was there on a convention and the sign was near her hotel. She knew I would like it. and am glad you do too.

  11. Better in the summer though, when the women walking by in the street are not all bundled up...
    (that's another masculine viewpoint, I know...)

    And the cigarettes can only be smoked outside these days, if they're respecting the law.

    Excellent photo in every respect. Gotta be careful though, café life can be addictive...

  12. PS and I just noticed the cigarette butt on the floor; looks like someone has been breaking the rules...

  13. Nice checklist... Eventually, it's wonderful Paris! Go for it! :)
    God bless you!

  14. Like a still from a movie I'd love to see.

  15. Great shot and check handler, James.
    Best way to start in the day!

  16. Looks good to me. His leather jacket looks pretty cool too! Love the backlighting, the man's face out of the frame, and the accoutrements on the table top.