Friday, March 12, 2010

1st Blog Anniversary! Distorted Reflection

One year ago today, I made my first blog post. Blogging has been a true God-send for me. Late in 2008 I was really bored and I wanted a hobby, but I couldn't think of anything that I liked to do. So Vicki suggested that I pray about it. I did just that and a few months later I started blogging as a way to encourage myself to take pictures of my new surroundings in Texas. At the time I had no interest in photography. It didn't take long to realize that God answered my prayer in a big way. I love photography now! Thank you, dear Lord! I would also like to thank all of the wonderful people that I've met through blogging, Cezar and Léia in particular. Early on I became discouraged with blogging and seriously considered quitting, but it was their encouraging daily comments that helped through that tough time.

Now take a close look at me in the photo and try to guess how tall I am. :)

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  1. Oh yes, the magic mirror at the carnival. This one makes you look short.

    Thank goodness you stuck around or thee would be no weekend reflections.

  2. Congratulations, James on your Blogaversary. I'm so glad that you didn't give up because I, like so many of your followers, really enjoy your wonderful photographs.
    I would say that you are at least 6 feet tall.
    Sunny :)

  3. JAMES, Congratulations in 1st your blog memorial day!!

    I was helped in the tender encouragement.
    I thank you very much.

    I look forward to your works from now on.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  4. Congratulations James! Like you, blogging and photography come hand in hand. Keep on the good work. You are an inspiration.
    My guess is that you are a 6 footer!

  5. Blessed be this day when you decided to blog!It was a good thing for you, and a good thing for us : You discovered how talented you could be with a camera, and we enjoy your pictures and your frienship every day!

    PS: I don't know about english measures, but I'd say you 're rather tall:1,85 meters.

  6. Happy First Anniversary, James! Thank you for all the photos you've shared. It's been especially nice for me being so far from 'home' to see all my old haunts again. This is a wonderful reflection. Keep up the good work, and just have fun. :)

  7. happy anniversary! u must be very tall!

  8. Happy Blogging Anniversary!! (I hope that didn't sound like a profanity!) So glad you hear the voice and answered it...your photos are fabulous and have given smiles to a lot of people so, in fact, the results of your blog have been two-fold...they have helped you and other people as well!! THANK YOU!! Keep it up!!

    Now, as for your height, it seems that that building behind you is only a few heads taller than you so I'm guessing you are about 8 stories I correct? (BTW I have a picture of a bunch of us in the house of mirrors taken in Prague and not only do we look short, we have really big feet and little tiny hands!! I love these kinds of pictures!!)

    Have a great day, a great weekend, a great month and another great year of blogging!


  9. Not sure about your height. Can sympathise with the comment on giving up blogging, I've thought about it a couple of times as I'm not sure why I do it. It takes time out of the day, and I'm not sure I can afford the time. Ah well, a bit longer.

  10. And look how many followers you've gathered in one year! From the looks of this you seem about 3 stories tall compared to the building behind you.

  11. Dear friend,
    May I say that I have tears in my eyes with your words and this wonderful post?
    Oh James, congratulations my dear friend.I was here enjoying your old posts, mainly from Texas and Dallas.So many great moments, fabulous posts, creative words and pictures.
    Do you remember about "Breakfast at Neiman Marcus"( Dallas)? I will never forget that post and my dream about that luxury department store!
    And the serenity and beautiful "Happy Easter"?
    Your blog is a gift for your friends, and may I say THANK YOU because your creativity and talent lead me for the photography world as well. :)
    For sure God knows what is better for us!
    Happy Blogging Anniversary!
    God bless you

    **Cezar is out now, you and business meetings, but for sure later we will be here again together tonight, enjoying your amazing posts and photography.

  12. tres bon anniversaire a ton blog ;O)

  13. I was going to say, you look pretty short in the picture! Ha. But you are not short on talent, that's for sure.

  14. That's a great spot for that gazing captures very interesting reflections. I do know you are shorter than that building! Your image actually makes you look like you are on your knees, but, I think I see shoes at the bottom...
    Happy Anniversary to you and your blog! I don't know what discouraged you, but, I am glad you continued or I would have missed out on a great blogging friend!
    Happy Day to you (and forever, for that matter)!

  15. Happy anniversary. I'm glad you found photography -- walking around with a camera really opens your eyes to the world we live in.

  16. Wow...Happy anniversary. Blogging suits you! And I really think the photos just get better all the time.

    I know, I really just started blogging (for real)...consistantly a year ago as well.

    Look at the amount of followers you have compared to me! Obviously you have something special!

    Congrats on 1 year, here is wishing you many more!

  17. Congratulations on reaching a year! I hope to be seeing your work for many more!

    Interesting shot, a golden portal into the sky....

  18. Congratulations my friend and Happy Blogoversary. :) Well done and as I said on Newton's I wish you many more years of successful blogging and continued success. I love this reflection. It looks like the ball I did in Seattle LOL You look like about the same size as me in the reflection so I'm going to say 6' 2". Congrats again my friend. :)

  19. Congratulations on your Blogoversary. Blogging has done the same for me - it had been years since I touched a camera. Now I don't leave home without it.

    I love the doorknob reflection - so clear! As for how tall you are ... well, your feet are touching the ground so I'd say you're just tall enough!

  20. Congratulations James! You really have some successful blogs and many friends.
    We are always tempted to quite when something goes wrong but than things change and the sun comes out again.
    I also started photography after I created my blog. I didn't even had a camera before and now I can't put it down.
    Great reflection of a cityscape you have in this photo but I can't tell how tall you are in this fish eye.

  21. Congratulations James you have given me inspiration and great photographs to enjoy:) Keep it up i'm glad you have found this hobby!
    Thank you!

  22. Great reflection! I love your photography and find your so blogs inspiring. :)

  23. Happy blog anniversary! yay! Neat reflection too - a lot of stuff fits in that little ball - great scene!

  24. Great reflection! Glad you kept blogging! Love your weekend reflections!

  25. Photography is a great hobby and blogging makes it more so!

  26. Thanks for sharing how you got started in blogging. It is a touching story, James.
    Happy birthday to Something Sighted.

    So that is you reflected in a door knob? Pretty symbolic. How the door was opened unto you, and now how you are opening doors for us through your photography and meme.

  27. Great reflection shot, James, and happy blogiversary!
    I'm so glad you didn't quit, your blogs are so enjoyable.

  28. Happy Blogversary!!!!! James we all adore your weekly photo theme so blogging may be a blessing to you but you are a blessing to us as well!
    As far as how tall you are..... I am only 4'11 so everyone is tall to me I cannot guess!

  29. Congratulations on a full year of blogging. What a fun reflection. I was thinking you were about 5'11", but everyone else is guessing much taller!

  30. Love your impressionist 'painting' - very successful!
    And, of course, congratulations on your anniversary.
    Weekend Reflections in all the senses of that title
    is an interest meme to host. Thank you.

  31. Congratulations on your first blog anniversary, James! I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging because your photos are wonderful! I also think that God meant you to share them with the world — you've made so many people happier, more creative and more appreciative of their surroundings because you did. Thank you.

    I'm looking forward to the next year!

    Funny self-portrait. I like it.

  32. James, I am so glad that you took up blogging and that you share your great talent of photography with the world! And I am glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work.

  33. Another clever shot. You have the eye. That's a fact.

  34. Gazing into your reflecting (crystal) ball, eh James? My 1st blogiversity is May 14. And to think you had no interest in photography. You have a lot of talent James. I'm glad you found the outlet.

    My blog began as a writer's thing. I began including images, some of my own and then one day someone turned me on to Lisa's monday macros.

    This has been a marvelous year for both of us. Next year will be even better.

    I'm glad you like that last shot. I'll save a frame or two for the way home on my next visit. I plan on using my 24mm lens next time for some real wide angle shots.

  35. I am happy you stuck with it, your blogging and photos are just wonderful. Happy Blogiversity! I hope you have many more years.

  36. Congratulations James!
    Thanks for sharing your inspirational story as well as your wonderful photography & your unique view of things. Your wife is a wise woman to suggest praying on it & I'm glad you followed her suggestion!
    I know I've told you before, but I love your weekend reflection meme, especially because I find it a bit of a challenge (which keeps things interesting). You should also know I consider you a bit of a mentor in finding my reflections every week. On those days that I struggle to find a decent shot I often think to myself, hmmm, where would James be looking?

  37. PS
    I imagine you to be around 6 feet too. & I have no idea why, but I always hear Morgan Freeman's voice when I read your posts.

    : )

  38. Happy Blog Anniversary! All the best.

    Great reflections!

    I'm out of town, I will participate next time James.
    Happy weekend.

  39. Congratulations on your 1st Blog Anniversary and achievements. I think you are very tall, strong and muscular. Thank you for bringing us Weekend Reflections. I have learnt a lot from participating in WR. It is really fun and enlightening to see the world from a different perspective. I see so much for my own reflections pictures which I had never thought about. Cheers to you and do keep up the good work!

  40. A beautiful story for this First Anniversary, it's always a pleasure to check your blogs. Weekend Reflections is a monumental achievement which I really like.
    Congratulations and don't ever think again to quit blogging!

    P.S. Easy, you are half a skyscraper tall. A very funny picture to celebrate.

  41. Happy Bloggy Aniversary James! Same here, blogging and photography have become a major part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without the wonderful comments I get from my readers each day. That's what encourages me to try harder and do better every time! Thanks for hosting this reflection meme, it's been such a great way to meet new people!

  42. I don't know how tall you are (!) but I do know you are a brilliant photographer!

    I also know there are many of us who understand that gratitude, not just to God but to the camera, photography. It makes an outlook for the soul. It changes the way we see the world - what we see in it. And the camera becomes a companion. When it is in our hands, we are never alone - and, more particularly, when we are out and about with our cameras, we have fellow bloggers beside us in our minds.

    You'd be surprised how often I address a silent remark in your direction!


  43. I'm guessing around 1m85 (though the picture doesn't really make the guessing easy;)

    Happy anniversary! I feel I'm learning a lot as a wannabe photographer by blogging, so I'm glad I startet too.

  44. Congratulations! I always enjoy your images.

  45. In the photo you look about 3 1/2 feet tall, so I'm going to guess maybe 6'5" :)

    Blogging does different things for all of us. It was interesting to hear your story. I was not bored and didn't need another thing to do, but I found that blogging filled a creative hole in my life by making it easy to combine images and words, and to connect with some wonderful people in this online community. I've been in other online communities, but this is my favorite of the decade. Blogging soon became addictive. In the best possible way, of course.

  46. Congratulations on your first year! Look what you started with your Weekend Reflections meme! (Even though «Louis» doesn't participate in it, he really likes to visit those bloggers who do.) Nice tip of the hat to Cezar and Léia! «Louis» also appreciates their frequent visits and always uplifting comments.

  47. happy blogaversary! Cool reflection in this picture!
    My reflection photo is here:
    Thanks for your nice comment on my pen photo.

  48. This is a fun shot to celebrate your anniversary! I'm so happy that you decided to continue blogging, I've learned so much from your posts and from all the participants of Weekend Reflections. Lovely tribute to Cezar and Leia, they always leave the sweetest most encouraging comments. Kathy

  49. Very sweet story! Congratulations on the hard work (even though it's fun) of keeping at it! You do have a wonderful talent. Isn't it amazing how a thoughtful comment will keep us at it. Cezar and Leia are the sweetest.

    PS - hope your legs stretch out back to normal

  50. Congratulations James. So glad you kept up with the blogging! I have learned alot from your great blog.

  51. Wonderful reflection (of the visual and verbal kind) ... Happy belated Blogoversary. I'm glad you found photography and blogging and that we have the benefit of both in this virtual world. Here's to many more enjoyable years in this virtual world.
    Hugs and blessings,

  52. This is encouraging! Congrats too! I should fetch my first out of the archives ha. I've almost given up as well!
    I have a know the weekend it best to link in on a Friday? Thanks-

  53. James, I love your new badge for Weekend Reflections! I will use it for my next post.
    Now, this is an awesome shot... you are 6 ft, 9 in., right? :)

    PS I'm so glad you didn't stop blogging and photographing!