Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some California Benches

A contortionist enjoys the views of Newport Beach or perhaps it's a romantic couple.

A man and his dogs bask in the sun at Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach.
This post is dedicated to Malyss the queen of benches.


  1. These are great. I miss the weekly "benches" meme hosted by RuneE. I could watch the "goings on" on Newport Bay forever...wonderful captures of life in the OC!

  2. Goodness, if the man in the first photo is a contortionist, wow! Got a chuckle out of it. I do love the tall, tall trees. I like the photo as well of the man and his dogs. Just enjoying the moment!

  3. Hahaha ! the "contorsionist" is absolutely priceless !

  4. Woaw! I'm proud and honored to have pictures dedicated from someone that I consider as a great photographer!
    Thank you so much!!
    What I love in those two pictures is that they show that benches has a lot to do with shared feelings: love, friendship, fellowship and finally even (if the word may exist..) blogship!!Ü
    James, you made my day!

  5. I get envious just looking at this - if it is take recently :-)
    That wooden bench reminds me very much of one that one of my daughters has in her garden, so I prefer that one...

  6. These benches are wonderful places to sit and watch the world go by, while enjoying the warmth and sunshine.
    Lovely shots, James

  7. California lights the expression of the person in the severe winter.
    It is paradise.

  8. Me encantann los colores de tus fotos.

    Un abrazo.