Friday, December 25, 2009

"When I was your age, I had to walk miles in the snow to get to school"

This picture reminds me of a famous tall tale. I wonder if it's still told to children? There are some variations like walking 10 miles each way, uphill in the snow with no shoes etc. Oh and the school was usually on the other side of a river that didn't have a bridge.

I just noticed that my last two posts sort of go together. The old man has fishing poles and the post before it has fish. I also noticed that most people think the old mad in the last post is homeless. I didn't think he was but now I'm wondering.


  1. A very interesting photo. I really do like the subjects your choose to photograph and find them very interesting people to try and figure out.

    This is a great photo, James.

  2. Great photo. I love it. And trust me, that story is still told by me to the young ones...only I make it real treacherous LOL Hey I have to make it interesting. Good observation on your last photos. I still think the guy with the fishing poles was homeless...but who knows. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas :)

  3. Yes.  It is a severe memory.
    However, it is an old good memory.

    I still remember the cold.

    Thank you for showing a wonderful heart.

  4. Hello James!
    Beautiful words my friend, almost a poem! ;) You should try it more times.
    This picture brilliant, we can get several feelings from it.I mean it's a cool exercise that I use to do when I was at College (Fine Arts) in my classes.It's an exercise about "art analysis" and how we could blend it with feelings, historic facts, and so on...
    In fact I could not recognise the fairy tale that you mentioned, maybe I know it...maybe not...I'm curious now! LOL
    Wonderful post!
    Thanks so much for sharing,
    BTW, do you know if this river freezes up?

  5. I like this photo very much, it's brilliant!
    ciao simona

  6. My grand-parents better said:" At your age, I already did not go to school anymore, I had to work!" (remember we have no snow around here..). But my parents used to say that for Christmas , their only present was an orange..
    About the fishing man, Leia is right: I remember in my french class, the teacher gave the same picture to us, and each one had to describe what he was seeing. And we all saw something different!

  7. He certainly is dressed the part. And I remember those when I was your age stories.

  8. Intriguing....I always heard "I had to walk back and forth to school on unplowed roads"!

  9. My walk was uphill and barefoot, ha-ha!
    Great picture, James!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Sunny :)

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year James !!

  11. I love this photo James. The striped socks and red hat! LOL, the kids these days are lucky if they have to walk to the bus stop on foul weather days, most are driven directly to the front door of the school!!!

  12. That picture goes so well with the tale. I always believed my mother when she told me her variation and I expect where she grew up in the mountains she probably did walk to school in the snow a fair amount but WITH comfortable boots and socks, ha.

  13. james, this is just a wonderful capture. Good for you for seeing it and catching this boy before he was gone!

  14. This is such a great shot! He looks like he's taking his sweet time getting to school doesn't he? And yes I heard the uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow story for years. It took me until I was about 12 to call Dad on the fact that he grew up in Mississippi and that snow just isn't that common there! Kathy

  15. Oh God, I just told my kid that story. I'm only 39 but the bus route cutoff was on my street and it really was a full mile to my school. And the sad part is my kid rolls her eyes and makes me pull all the way up at the curb to drop her off at school. She can't go the extra 10 feet. By the way, pretty sure the kid in this photo is emo. LOL