Monday, November 23, 2009

Men at Work

I found this unusual sculpture in Trenton New Jersey. I'll be a man at play for a few weeks.
Prague, Salzburg, Munich and maybe a few other German cities. I'll bring back lots of pictures.

See you in mid to late December.


  1. YOu will be a man at play. Have fun. Great photo my friend :) TBK

  2. I like the sculpture! Funny , unusual, but artistic anyway!
    I hope you'll enjoy your trip.
    Europe is waiting for YOU! Ü

  3. This reminds me, James, you would love a place called Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton Township, just outside of Trenton. Bring your camera when you go there.
    Have a great time in Europe. Prague is exquisite, it's a bit different from the other cities...a holdover from the Velvet Revolution. You will love your visit there.

  4. Hi James,

    Awesome picture!

    Have a great time in Europe. I hope you enjoy! - Correction: I KNOW you will enjoy!

    Best regards

  5. Thank you for showing interesting scenery.

    I look forward to wonderful works.
    Please enjoy a good journey.

  6. I liked this angle, different sculpture and idea!
    Have a blessed an safe trip my friends!

  7. Very cool!

    Oh and have a safe and very fun vacation! Looking forward to your return.

  8. Have a nice trip! Nice places!!

  9. This photo made me smile! Have a wonderful trip and will look forward to seeing photos.

  10. Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing your photographs.

    I like this one as well.

  11. I've been laid up with back problems for awhile. Thanks for coming by my bench blog. . . I hope you will let me know when you post your bench you spoke of as I would like to see it. Maybe you will find some benches on your travels?

    What a neat sculpture you happened upon! Very unique!

    I wish you godspeed on your travels as I sit here envious but maybe not too much as I am sure you will "share" your travels with us through photos.

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