Sunday, November 1, 2009

The front of the Kelsey Building

Looking up and into the sun

The side view of the clock

The top of the doorway with the mahogany in the background and the detailed metal gate
Her twin can be seen in the photo below on the left.

The bottom of the doorway
The Kelsey Building was built in 1911, it was designed by one of America's most famous architects, Cass Gilbert.
He modeled the Kelsey Building after the most famous palace of the Florentine Renaissance – the Palazzo Strozzi which was built in Florence, Italy, in 1489. The Kelsey Building now houses administrative offices for Thomas Edison State College.
I really want to go back to Trenton and take more and better pictures of this and other buildings.
Trenton seems like it's not the safest place to wander around though, but it has some really cool buildings. The area where I took these pictures seemed pretty much deserted.


  1. Okay, James fess up! You laid down on the sidewalk to get that first terrific shot? LOL
    What a magnificent building with all the great detail. A really excellent series of pictures.
    Sunny :)

  2. Wow this is just gorgeous. The detail in this building is wonderful. The pictures are wonderful my friend :)

  3. Beautiful structures and what an angle on the first pic. Despite being relaxed on a comfortable chair, I felt like I might just fall on my back... looking up... :-) Nicely done!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  4. Magnificent clock, a little 'Victorian British Railways' in style. The problem with trying to model a 15th century renaissance building is you can't 'reproduce' five centuries of aging, and you need the large original stones.

  5. What a wonderful surprise to see this image this morning! I grew up around Trenton, even worked there. I also spent my last ten years in Bucks County before emigrating to the Scottish Highlands. So, your blogs are trips 'home' for me. I know the Kelsey Building quite well. West State St is a wonderland of great architecture and history. I used to work in the bank on the corner of West State and Warren. Incredible interior. I hope you return and discover the rest of the secret treasures the city has to offer. Also, Princeton.
    Great blogs, i'm so glad i found them. Lizzy :)

  6. I love brick buildings. Do you happen to know if the bricks are a different color than the bricks in Palazzo Strozzi. To me these bricks seem more red, which could be a function of the material that they were made out of.

  7. A deserted place?and not safe?.. Why?Is it one of those towns emptyed by the crise?
    That's a pity, if most of buildings are as beautyful as this one. It is a real treasure of architecture.

  8. oh James, you are an artist, congratulations!
    Stunning doorway, it's so beautiful and I loved all details!
    Wow and that view that you gave to us inside the first shot is breathtaking!

  9. absolutely gorgeous! great job.

  10. What an awesome building! Nice shots!

  11. Hi James,

    WOW. This is just fantastic! Thousands of small beautiful details. Amazing!

    Best regards

  12. It is very excellent that an Italian design is made use of.
    The decoration that even the sash is particular about is given.

    This resembles sunlight Tosho-gu Shrine of the Far East closely.


  13. My neck is aching as I imagine how far back you must have bent to get that shot. I'm amazed!

  14. This is a really fine building and you have photographed it well.

  15. James, these photos are amazing. You have captured wonderful details and made this building "come alive" to me, so to speak. Just wonderful photos.

  16. So much detail in these pictures and very colourful. One of Renaissance ...