Friday, August 14, 2009

Photoshop Elements 7 Fun

Hello everybody and thanks for all of the nice comments. Several people asked about the helicopter picture in yesterday's post.

I bought an editing software last month called Photoshop Elements 7 it cost $79.99. It was overwhelming because I've never used anything like it before. So I decided to just play around with it, now it's really fun. For the helicopter picture I'm pretty sure that I did a "multiply" layer then "spherized" one of the layers and cropped it to size. If you don't have this software I doubt that made any sense. :-)
Today's pictures are just another attempt to get to know this software, express some creativity and have some fun.
Malyss your eyes were drawn to underneath the bridge in yesterday's Newtown Area Photo post. Here it is, look very closely straight ahead in the top picture, and you will see eight bridge workers having lunch on the support. (You might need to enlarge it)
If you don't have editing software I highly recommend it, you can make your pictures look their best and have fun with new creations.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's one big bridge! I agree editing software is a must.
    Have a great weekend.
    Sunny :)

  2. Great job James! I do not know if I can handle more editing, being so technically impaired. (hehehe, I have not even played around with my anciet C2S).

  3. Good on you James. Enjoy for there is so much in computing and it has no age limit.

    For my photo editing, am contented with photobucket.

    Advance professional photographic programs like yours will provide an advantage to further your skills.

    Yes, it's a lot of fun. I learned more about computing through networking and self-learning better than attending a humdrum classroom theories. Great to navigate at your own pace.

    I love the way how you add a shadow of the head of the statue. You have great skills more than you know and realize! Each one of us has our own sense of creativity. No age limit required!

  4. Great photos and effects!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I'm so sorry your Mr. Kitty died. Do you have photos? I'd love to see photos of your Simba too! :)

  5. I used to have full Photoshop on my Windows machine, but don't have it on my iMac; I use Apple's Aperture 2. It does not have all the filters etc in Photoshop, but I found the problem with Photoshop was it did so much that I would get carried away and Photoshop became the end product, not the photo.

  6. PSE 7 is fun, I like playing with Picnik, which you can get many features for free on line. You did a great job with these!

    My Camera Critters - Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog James, so that I have the chance to see and follow your beautiful photos..However my favorite on your blog is Orengebert. I will try to locate some photos of him on your blog.

  8. Thank you for showing me the workers.
    They make me think about those famous black and white pictures showing workers in New-York, building very tall buildings, and being eating, walking and even sleeping in the highest parts of it.
    The bridge is really impressive from that angle!and the second pic seems to be moving!
    Good fun for your week-end!

  9. Hi James,

    Congratiolations to your new toy. I like the effects. It's amazing and very creative.

    Happy Weekend!

    Best regards

  10. Now nobody catches up with you again, your pics are getting light-years ahead with your new powerful editing tool... :)
    Nicely done! And thanks for the explanation, I guess that just like me many fellas were scratching their heads to understand the "double helicopter".
    God bless you!

  11. Thank you for clearing up the helicopter photo. I'm going to leave the editing and all of that up to you professionals. LOL. I am lucky to use my point and shoot iPhone LOL. Great pictures. First thing I saw on the bridge, without reading was the guys sitting there. Now you've got me curious again as I wonder in the second one if you edited it and made those hands long? hmmm Oh wait...I just went up and took a closer look. You added a second head. Clever

  12. That statue is really scary! You have a talant to make sculptures hunt people :) I like playing with my photo editing softwear - I use GIMP /because it is free and my photographing abilities are not worth spending money, but folks who are serious about it should spend more - I agree :)