Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Phoenix Frozen in her Glory

The Phoenix is a mythical bird of great beauty from ancient Greek, Egyptian and Arabian mythology. It is a symbol of immortality, resurrection and life after death. The Phoenix’s flight has been said to represent the capacity to leave the world and its problems behind, flying towards the sun in clear pure skies.
I took this picture of a swallow at the same place and on the same day as yesterday's picture. This picture came out so bad that I almost deleted it, but then I thought it would be good for Photoshop practice. Now I actually like it and use it for my desktop background.
Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Very interesting art piece, nice effects. :-D

    I like the use of space.

  2. Excellent my friend. Glad you kept it :)

  3. Hi James,

    You know, this is an excellent photo. It's great!
    I'm glad that you didn't delete it, because it came out so well.

    More greetings from me to your mom. I hope she gets a lot of beautiful flowers from you today.

    Best regards

  4. A very creative solution — no wonder your title was about the Phoenix. I like it too, especially with the effect's lovely transformation of the flares.

    Happy birthday to your mom! Prayers and blessings for her always.

  5. I have also tried emboss(?)-filter but it has rarely satisfied me. The simplicity works well in this one and the subtle changes of the "flat" surface make it so cool. You said it, that would be an excellent desktop background.

  6. Strange, but finally so artistic!
    And the title you choosed gives sense to the picture.

  7. It's a photo with grat mystery. Like a puzzle. I enjoyed it a lot.