Sunday, August 9, 2009

The NYC Three

I couldn't decide which pictures of New York to post so I decided to post the three people that stood out the most to me in this very crowded city.
In the Met I saw a giant orange afro and had to click.(If I didn't know better I would think he was posing for me just like the lady in the stained glass behind him.) I haven't seen a fro like that since the 1970's.
The cat with the guitar was playing and singing the blues in a wonderful way in Penn Station were we waited for our train home.
The guy in the bottom picture was at the Met doing a very impressive sketch.


  1. My favorite is the cat with the guitar. Excellent :)

  2. Thanks for the tour around NYC. There is plenty to see wherever you may point your camera. Kinky afro!

  3. Hello James, you got nice photos here. The guy with afro style hair reminds me of Archie of Scooby Dooby.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  4. Love the guy with the guitar, but I also like the way two of the people mirror the arm in the statue in the top shot.

  5. I like all of them! so many faces, so many artists, so many lifes, so many many great pictures!

  6. I'm glad you didn't choose just one. All of them made me smile, but especially the guy with the big orange afro — awesome hair!

    I'm also drooling over the Met's sculptures and wall (stained glass?). They're fantastic!

  7. Hi James,

    All 3 pictures are great. You're right about the red-head. That's someone who fell down from the sky 3 decades after he smoked something-:)

    I too think he's posing for you. He's my favorite no 1. I also love the way he's waving. As if he is the queen. He,he,he.

    Great photos!

    Best regards

  8. Delightfully funny photos.

    The apparent interaction between the humans and the statues in the top and bottom ones make them seem like really good cartoons.

  9. You have gift eyes to capture great and inspiring moments with your camera! Thanks for showing us NYC with views that could ever imagine!
    Bravo James!