Thursday, July 30, 2009

Apple Tree and Bumblebees

"Don't sit under the apple try with anyone else but me" That tune got stuck in my head when I saw this nice looking apple tree yesterday. The top picture looks like the bumble bee is trying to tighten or unscrew a screw. The second picture is the same bee with my surreal touch.


  1. ohmigod, what is it! I can not stare! LOL
    Léia ;)

  2. Well these photos are just buzzing aren't they? LOL Excellent as usual Happy Positive Monday, 2009 Aloha

  3. Isaac Newton's favourite song.

  4. That is so cool! Eye catching. Interesting activity he did to the apple tree!

  5. What a majestic apple tree!
    Sunny :)

  6. The apple tree is beautiful! It's too warm in the Philippines for apple trees so I've never seen one. Shade and fruit — perfect.

    I was in awe of your bee macro then you made me laugh when you pointed out the screw. In your retouched photo, the bee looks more like the ones we have here in our garden (not bumblebees — which I've never seen either).

  7. Congratulations!! Yours was one of the names picked from my Hat of Wonder And Hope for my July freebie prize draw.

    I'll drop you an email shortly telling you how to pick your prize, a beautifully printed signed, matted print.


  8. Nice work on the bee, also the bee in real life, is just great, also the apple tree and song, now its stuck in my head.

    Congrats on your win .

  9. wow! that is some apple tree! I just had to check it out.
    & what a cool capture of the bee doing his handy work too.