Monday, June 22, 2009

Waxahachie Old and New

I like the contrast of old and new in the Waxahachie Texas. Here is an example an old feed store that's probably pretty much the same as a hundred years ago but if you look closely at the bottom photo you'll see the modern kids doing skateboard tricks.


  1. I hope and trust that it's normally open and working... A Sunday photo?

  2. These kids are enjoying a lot this place!
    Great idea showing these pictures!
    Thanks James!Have a nice week!


  3. Yes Peter you are correct sir this was a Sunday photo. You have a keen eye.

  4. Those kids give life to a tedium environment. They do that here too, only the Council has to curtail such activity for safety reason.

    It's good to see the blending of the old to the new actually.