Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Orange Cat of Chartres

Chartres is an enchanting town about 60 miles from Paris. Vicki and I agree that it was the coldest place we have ever been. The cold didn't seem to bother this orange cat that lives in or near the cathedral.
Do you see what he is looking at in the bottom picture?


  1. James I Have Never Seen Orange Cats Before !! Great Blog And Nice Post..

  2. hahaha a "dove"!!!
    Thanks for the hint about this city James!To travel in France do you think it is better to rent a car or we can use train...
    Fabulous pictures! I loved this orange cat!Cute!

  3. I almost missed it! Isn't that pigeon a bit too far for him to stalk? ;)

  4. Thanks Unseen, at first I was surprised that you never saw an Orange cat, then I remembered that I had never seen or even heard of a black squirrel until I saw one on a blog last week.

    Thanks Léia, I have never used a car in France because the trains are so good. Besides parking in the cities would be a nightmare. Trains all the way!

    Hi Hilda, I guess you don't know about the fantasies of cats. :-)

  5. I agree with you James, trains should be used! Now, of course, if you want to see the real countryside, the small villages... you may after all need a car.

    The Chartres Cathedral is beautiful, especially I think for the windows and the light inside.

    The cat's position and attitude on the last picture is wonderfully caught!