Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is the Tennessee state capitol building in Nashville. I was only able to spent a little over an hour in the city. So I walked fast and took lots of pictures. The Tennessee capitol isn't as grand as the one in Texas but it's on a hill and has very nice views.

Update. We are staying in a hotel until Wednesday, that's when we move into our apartment. The bad news is we won't have internet or tv in the apartment until Tuesday 5/26.


  1. Hello James!
    Wonderful know that you and your family already is together!
    Take it easy okay dear friend, everything will be settled soon! Those things are a little bit complicated but it's cool to be a new home , new neighborhood, plans, life...start over!
    God bless you
    By the way...wonderful pictures!

  2. It sure looks grand to me!

    It's good to know you've all made it through the move relatively intact. Hope you get settled in very soon. And just think of this week without internet or TV as your retreat — a time for a little peace and quiet before you get bombarded with noise and info again! :)

  3. Thanks Léia and Hilda. You're so right Hilda, but I bet I'll get desperate and try to find a library or some place with free internet once or twice.