Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get on the Buss Gus.

This drive has been brutal. I'm too tall for my car and I'm only six foot one. Never again! Unless I get a car that's more comfortable than my Toyota Corolla. Still I would rather do this than ride a Geyhound bus. Greyhound does have cool looking stations like this one in Jackson Tennessee, it was built in 1938.
On a positive note there's only a few more hours of driving left. I drove from Knoxville Tn. to White Marsh Maryland Wednesday(near baltimore I think?), Now I pick up my wife and cats from Philadelpia airport and wait for the movers, they have a Friday to Thursday delivery time window.

I plan to make my first Newtown daily photo post this weekend.


  1. Hello James!
    After so many hours driving I guess any car would become unconfortable!
    By the way, we have a Corolla too!!!!
    I hope everything will be fine with your wife and kids , I mean "cats"!
    God bless you
    Léia :-)

  2. To bring a bit of stuff and to bring the car over, I guess you had no choice!

    Your picture reminds me of a round trip of the States in 1965, by Greyhound on a 99$ ticket! I met so many nice people, was invited to stay overnight at different places, brought on sightseeing... A wonderful experience, at least whan you are young! :-)

  3. This photo is beautiful!!
    Half way station is great.