Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch the Birdie!

I was in Dallas again today and seemed like I was being stalked by a pigeon. Everytime I turned around there he was. I gave him some of my lunch in exchange for a photograph and thought I was done with him ...... Until I got home and looked closely at this photo of The Adolphus hotel on the left and The Magnolia hotel with my friend flying in front of it.
Some might say that there are thousands of pigeons in Dallas and there is no way that's the same one. Maybe but I like my story better. :)
Whatever it is, it made for a cool picture.


  1. Hello James!
    You 've visited a lot of different places!
    Beautiful pictures and great blog !
    We visited Cali in 2007 and I must say it is a paradise!
    Kind Regards
    God bless you
    Léia ( now I'm in Brazil but I do hope to be able to come back to Luxembourg as soon as possible).

  2. Thank you very much Léia. I really like your blogs also. I've wanted to see Luxemburg for a long time, in person but your blog is a good start.
    I hope you are enjoying Brazil and may God bless you and Cezar too.

  3. Here I found two great snap-shots of birds. Congrats! It's very difficult to press the release button at the right time.