Saturday, April 4, 2009

Simba and Lucy

These are our little ones a boy and a girl, both are both 13 yrs old. The orange one is named Simba and the other is Lucy. We adopted Lucy as a kitten, Simba was a few years old when he joined us. Simba was living in Reno Nevada and we were in Costa Mesa California. To make a long story short he was put in an airplane, we picked him up at Orange County airport and he's been with us ever since. He likes to sit on my lap while I trade stocks and he acts like an affectionate dog when people come over, on the other hand Lucy is extremly shy and is only affectionate toward my wife Vicki, and on rare occasions me. Both a great cats but Simba is my favorite. I only say this because I know Lucy can't read this. :-) Before we got Simba he was hit by a car leaving one of his back legs useless, but he's still very active and it doesn't seem to bother him at all. Especially when he goes into a box and turns into Orangebert the great. (His alter ego)


  1. Please to meet you Lucy and Simba!
    Little Lucy is so gorgeous, soooo beautiful, we can easily fall in love for her eyes!Simba is a handsome cat, very smart ...Gee! He can read!Amazing!Of course he loves boy's stuffs, like business!
    I hope to see more pictures and stories from the sweet Lucy and the smart Simba!
    Here, we have "Luna ",a snowshoe cat.When we adopted her, she was very sick and the owner didn't want her because she was not a pure Siamese!Can you believe that!Now she is part of our family.

    Happy weekend for your lovely family James!
    God bless you all!

  2. We just got back from a nice day in Fort Worth.
    I'm glad to see that Luna is doing great. I don't understand why someone wouldn't want such a beautiful cat just because she's not a pure siamese. Their loss is your and Luna's gain.

    Thanks for the link and the comments.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. James,

    What adorable cats you have! Thanks for leaving me the links to the posts.

    Jan (Author)

  4. I had to take a look about in your blog.. I hope that was ok.. Lovely cats you have! :)