Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photographing the Photographers

While walking around downtown Dallas today I noticed that a lot of other people were taking pictures. So I thought it would be fun to take pictures of them taking pictures. It wasn't as fun as I thought but here are a few anyway. I also noticed that I'm developing a case of camera envy. The more I take pictures the more I want to learn about photography and then upgrade my camera.
I use a Canon powershot A610 it's an easy point and shoot type. The camera that I want to get is a Canon EOS 40D or 50D.

So what cameras do you use and what do you want?


  1. wonderful candid shots!

    use a canon powershot a550
    would like to upgrade to a canon sx10is which is 10mp and 20x optical zoom also fully manual option.

  2. Oh gosh!They do everything to take a great shot!
    Funny post James!
    I loved this post!
    hummm Why are you asking about the camera????
    I prefer say nothing now! :-)
    Come on boy...I'm an amateur!Mine is Sonny, but very simple.

    Maybe in the future...because I 'm learning a lot with you and our blog friends about photography. Maybe .......

    Kind Regards

  3. Thanks!
    Oh Léia they say it's not the camera it's the photographer that takes good pictures(or something like that) I love your photos!

  4. Since the digital came into fashion, you have the impression that everybody is taking photos!

    I use a Canon PowerShot G7 (with automatic settings). People advise me to go for more sophisitcated equipment, but I hesitate. (I would probably only use the autmatic settings anyhow.)

  5. Hi James--thanks for stopping by my blog--I use a Canon A590--I have a question--I put the setting to nightime photos and when in the park--there are many lamp posts and I find the camera shows lines of light in the lcd part and does not want to click and take a photo then????do you have any advice for me??I want to upgrade to Canon G10 when I can afford to. Love your photos too--I do love taking pictures.

  6. Hi Melanie, I wish that I could help but I am a total amateur. To be honest I just discovered the nighttime setting about a week ago and haven't gotten around to trying it. For me It's mostly been daytime auto focus shots.

    That said I really want to learn so I plan to take a photography class and maybe checkout a photography meetup. http://photo.meetup.com/
    after I move next month.
    I'll let you know if I learn any new tips or tricks.

  7. Thank you for this great series, James.
    Particularly the last one makes me guffawing!

  8. Thanks James--I look forward to your tips and/or tricks.

  9. I use a Pentax K100D that has travelled the world with me.

    But I also have a film-based Canon EOS 3000.

  10. Great idea for a photo-shoot.I use a Fuji 800 which is adequate for me as I am too old a bird to learn new tricks even though I would love to take more interesting shots.
    Congrats on POTD from David at authorblog-now he is a fantastic photographer and gladly gives advice.

  11. Hey there James. Thanks for commenting about the NBA stuff. It's fun to watch most of the time; aggravating at other times. :) Depending on player performance and the refs. Right?!

    I am in your soon-to-be-former-home soon....Irving. Matter of fact I'm up there every week for work! Right on MacArthur Blvd.

    I have only had Kodak point-and-shoots and they work fine for me though I do also have camera envy occasionally. But the SLRs would be a waste on me unless I had more time to devote to learning. Which I don't. So my Kodak Z1015 works great! As have my last three Kodaks.