Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fort Worth Saturday

My wife and I are going to spend saturday in Fort Worth. It's only about 30 minutes away but I can count the times that I've been on one hand. We became patrons of the Kimbell art museum which seemed like a good deal if we went alot, but we didn't and now we're moving to Pensylvania next month ...... so it's the Kimbell on Saturday, it ain't the Louvre or the Met but it's close and it's a nice little place.
Everytime I go to Fort Worth I end up at the stockyards so here are some pictures. I wish everyone a fun weekend.


  1. Bom dia James! :-)
    Your Portuguese is great!Always kind and gentle with your friends! Thanks!

    Okay, It is very impressive! I visited the website of Kimbel art Museum ( thanks for the link ) and what a surprise!Very nice indeed!By the way, I graduated in Fine Arts, so...I do love these stuffs!
    Great pictures ,I wish you and your dear wife a great Saturday in Fort Worth!

    I loved your composition in the first picture, with perfect light and mainly the "flag"detail! Beautiful!
    The second picture reminds me a romantic but sad scene from the film "The Bridges of Madison County" ( Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep).In this scene he ( Clint ) is going away , and shows a street and that "light sign"...I can't explain but I cried a LOT in this part of film( your wife can understand me for sure! )!! :-)
    Kind Regards
    God bless you

  2. Thanks for the kind words Léia.

    You're right about my wife, sometimes I see her crying during movies and after 21 years of marraige I still don't know why most of the time. :-)