Friday, April 10, 2009

Fort Worth Livestock Auction

I went to Fort Worth today and somehow ended up at a cattle auction. It was pretty neat seeing all the real cowboys watching television monitors and bidding on cattle. The auctioneer had a really neat almost mezmerising voice and he spoke incredibly fast. Every once in a while a cowboy would go out in the hall and have a quiet but intense cell phone conversation.
After the Stockyards I went to downtown Fort Worth for lunch but it wasn't very good, I should have ate at Booger Reds. I think it's cool that you can go from old west to modern city in a few minutes in Fort Worth.


  1. Oh gosh! I have never think about! Very interesting post James!By the way...and about "your" hat ?
    The last picture is amazing!
    I hope you did good deal there!

    Happy Easter
    For you, your sweet wife, lovely cats and all family!And many chocolate eggs!
    God bless you all

  2. Thanks Léia, Happy Easter.
    No deals for me just watching and taking a few pictures.