Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dallas Tea Party

In every State in the United States people gathered together today to protest over-taxation, too much government and government corruption. The gatherings/protests were called Tea Parties as in the Boston Tea Party of American History. There were thousands of people of all types in front of the Dallas city hall listening to speakers and waving flags and signs. While I was there it was very peaceful and reminded me of a big High School pep rally.
After awhile I got bored and walked around trying to find something else interesting enough to photograph. I also tried and failed to take some good night time photos.
Maybe tomorrow I'll find a coffee party. :-)


  1. Hello James!
    Great series of pictures! Very smart and funny post!
    The last one is so cool!
    In Brazil we pay a lot of tax !:-(
    Waiting for the coffee party pictures okay!

  2. Government corruption? They should come and live in the Philippines! :(

  3. Another great series of street-scenery. It's a pretty cheerful atmosphere amid the demonstrators.