Monday, March 16, 2009

Visual History Lesson in a Sign?

About 11 or 12 days ago, I was in Philadelphia. The first couple of days were really cold so I sometimes I didn't pay close attention to what I was taking pictures of. In fact, I don't remember taking this one. I think it's pretty cool that there is so much going on in it. All I know about it is it's in Philadelphia connected to a building and a pole, probably near City Hall.

It has a tiger, a snake, a bear, a fish, a boat, a flag, a water pump, several people and more.

Anybody know what it is?


  1. i love philly! COuld walk that town forever...but what the heck is that?

  2. LoL, I was hoping you could tell me.

    I can't remember taking the picture. When my whife saw this post she said "Where did you get that picture?"
    I do know I took it March 4th in Philadelphia. Probably somewhere near JFK Plaza(Love Park. At least thats what makes sense when I look at the other pictures from that day.

    The mystery continues.

    March 16, 2009 4:03 PM