Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The Saint Gervais church Located behind the Hotel de ville in 4th arrondissement "is one of oldest in Paris. Its existence is mentioned at this location starting from VIth century. Formerly the seat of a powerful brotherhood of the wine merchants, it took its present appearance starting from XVIth century. Its frontage was completed much later, about 1620, testifying to a perfect control of traditional esthetics. Sad anecdote, March 29, 1918, a German shell fell on the roof of the Church, killing a hundred people."
The photos are 1) a Nun who just left through the back door in a hurry 2) the back of the church 3)the front of the church.

I wonder where the nun was flying off to?


  1. Did you also go inside? It's beautiful and you will often hear monks and nuns singing!

  2. Yes, but I didn't hear any singing just a wonderful organ.