Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I took this picture on the corner of 50th st. and 5th ave in NYC. The spotlight shining down on St. Patrick's Cathedral is from the hotel I was staying at. As you can see from the flags it was windy, it was also very cold. I think St. Patrick's is a beautiful Cathedral and I LOVE NY!


  1. I think everybody must love NYC! ... and I will forward your "Happy St. Patrick" to my son, Patrick!

  2. Thanks Peter! I feel the same way about Paris too.

  3. Beautiful! What hotel were you staying in?Must have been close!

  4. Hi Dottie. I was staying at the Palace Hotel which is right across the street on Madison ave between 50th and 51st. It was cool to be on the 37th floor but I guess thats not very high in NYC. :-)

  5. Dear James,
    Excellence in ever single shot you do.Wonderful posts about the big Apple!
    Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing your photos and also about the labels,
    and have a blessed week
    Leia :)