Friday, March 27, 2009

Dallas Arts District

Yesterday I spent a few hours walking around the Dallas arts district in the wind and drizzle. I ended up at the Nasher Sculpture Center, but Dallas has tons of free art all over the place. There are sculptures, murals, even the buildings are nice to look at. I couldn't help but notice how few people were on the streets and how clean and well kept it is in this part of city.


  1. Some great artwork and sculptures!

  2. I average a trip to texas perhaps every 18 months, but generally never go to dallas - sticking with family in fw or visiting friends and other family in austin and new braunfels - but now I'm most anxious to head over and check out the dallas arts district, if it's half as good as fort worth it's pretty darned good!

  3. p.s. thanks for visiting lakewood....haven't been in years, but when I visited many years ago when a cousin lived there, I found newtown pa a most charming town - and no texas summer!!